Meet the Team
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Meet Kiva
Kiva Schuler
CEO + Creative Director
A fierce advocate of integrity, creativity and abundance in sales and marketing, Kiva is a leader in the field of women, money and business. She believes that entrepreneurial endeavors, particularly through online vehicles, are the key to self-reliance, flexibility and financial independence for women.

She is a successful marketer in the field of online coaching and personal development, and has co-created and written campaigns for luminaries such as Fabienne Fredrickson, Gay Hendricks and Christopher Howard, and been the Co-Host of the World Business Executive Coaching Summit. Her entrepreneurial endeavors and keen marketing abilities have generated millions in sales online, but more importantly, have allowed transformational work to reach the people who need it in the areas of parenting, spirituality, health and wellness, finance and entrepreneurship.
It lights her up...
  • ​Ideas that scale simple ideas into leveraged models, while retaining effectiveness and impact
  • ​Accessing her inner Business Psychic: the ability to see business models as the vehicle that takes her clients’ work far beyond their current vision of what’s possible
  • ​Breaking people through their resistance (so they see it now too) – creating aha moments. She has the ability to say one thing to someone that changes their whole business model
  • ​ Sales and marketing (so much so that she makes it easy and fun for others).
  • ​ Bringing sparkle, magic and juju to everything she touches
Meet Kara
Kara Jordan
Account Executive + Tinker Fairy
Slightly obsessed with changing the world for the better, Kara helps people with a big mission express their message online so their ideas can transform lives. With a background that spans from wellness and coaching, to the management of people and projects, to digital marketing strategy and implementation, she is an incessant learner whose mission is to breathe magic into the digital expression of transformational ideas.

One part architect, one part mechanic—but primarily a tinker fairy—she plays in strategy, builds funnels, and ensures that the essence of your online presence is in alignment with the integrity of the transformation only you can provide.
It lights her up...
  • ​Getting our clients truly excited, from the core of their being, to create marketing that is rooted in the integrity of their message and transformation
  • ​Seeing the beauty and excitement in big ideas and architecting the structure and messaging that truly reaches those who need them most
  • ​Pondering what makes people tick… and giving wings to that knowledge (by building digital structures) so it touches their hearts and changes their lives
  • ​Tinkering with ideas and words and problems and tech until they can fly and reach their utmost potential
  • ​Incepting a new project (it’s an addiction)
  • ​Bringing light, spirit and wonder to everything she does
Meet Danielle
Danielle Swati
Director of Marketing & Conversion Strategist
Danielle helps to grow movements that positively impact at scale. She is former CEO of TreeSisters, a grassroots movement supporting tropical reforestation through the leadership of women, where during her stay more than 2 million trees in Kenya, India, Madagascar, Brazil, Cameroon and Nepal through online marketing campaigns (now over 10 million!)

Prior to that Danielle was also the CEO of a seven figure online marketing company, where she tripled revenue year over year by providing training and coaching programs to help solo-entrepreneurs, healers and coaches grow their businesses with effective, authentic marketing. Through these experiences, she honed an intuitive knowing of how to reach audiences with messages and media that convert into action. 

Danielle has co-produced over $5 million in online sales revenue and crowdfunding donations, including multiple 6-figure launches and multi-year, high-ROI evergreen funnels. She loves everything Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and using these tools to achieve positive impact missions.
It lights her up...
  • ​Keeping up with marketing trends and tricks
  • ​Forests, forests, forests 
  • ​Continually testing and improving ads campaigns
Meet Katie
Katie Owen
Katie captures the voices of her clients and uses them to move audiences effortlessly from consideration, to connection, to customer. Her writing resonates with the truth and longing we all yearn to resolve, and she skillfully presents the perfect remedy. Her previous career as a therapist gives her a unique level of insight into the human psyche that intensifies the effectiveness of her work. She understands what motivates and moves us. This is the secret weapon many have hired her for.

In her time as a ghost writer, some of the biggest names in direct marketing have easily and often unknowingly passed off her work as their own. One notable campaign she secretly worked on for a 7-figure level entrepreneur (one who cannot be named), generated close to 500K in just over two weeks. Motivated businesses have paid up to 4-figures for a single email written by her (with someone else’s name on it).
It lights her up...
  • ​Writing sales pages so compelling she secretly contemplates whether she should buy the product herself
  • ​Petting dogs. Any dog. Even ceramic ones
  • Giving voice to the transformational gifts of the far-too-humble luminaries she writes for
  • ​Discovering the history of pineapple rental
  • ​Diving headfirst into the work her clients are passionate about to find each and every angle that will benefit and delight their soon-to-be clients
Meet Kat
Kat Dornez
Digital Designer & Branding Specialist
Deeply interested in delving into a brand and discovering what makes it shine, Kat spends her days playing in sales pages, optins, and design software. She works tirelessly to ensure the culmination of a client’s work sings with its intended purpose. In other words, she wants to make people cry―not because what she makes is beautiful, but because it is impactful.

Using powerful imagery, colors, and clever layouts, Kat excels at expressing information in ways that are new and exciting (while also retaining a healthy respect tried-and-true methods). She thrives in finding the perfect balance of showcasing one’s message without falling into icky sales tactics. 
It lights her up...
  • ​Playing and innovating a design until it sings
  • ​Ensuring that every piece of a brand communicates one powerful message
  • Helping YOU make an impact
The Special Sauce
We are coaches first, deeply connected to our personal evolution and intuition. 

We’re doing it. And we help you to do it, too.

It is our job to hold you to your highest truth. 

To ensure that you remember who you are and never compromise what matters most in the name of a sale. 

We see you in your greatness.  And it’s our job to make sure you do, too.